How To Wash Your Car Correctly

People often ask me “how do you get your car so clean” and I always reply “it comes down to correct car washing technique”. So here are my tips for correct car washing technique.

  • The only equipment you need is a hose, a soft bristled brush and a good quality car wash detergent (TurtleWax is excellent).
  • The best time of day is early in the morning and out of direct sunlight. If its too hot, the suds will dry before you rinse them off and you may get marks on the paintwork.
  • Don’t be tempted to use a high pressure hose. The water can blast thin layers of paint off your car over time.

Founding principles

The correct technique is to scrub and rinse in decending layers. The idea is to keep the water and brush as clean as possible by washing the cleanest areas first and the dirtiest last. Usually, the closer the section of the car is to the ground, the dirtier it will be. Remember also, that rinsing frequently prevents the suds from leaving marks on the paintwork.

Step by step

  1. First, thoroughly wet your car. Hopefully this will remove a bit of the dirt and grime too.
  2. Next, scrub the roof and all the windows. When you are done with that section, rinse thoroughly with the hose.
  3. The next layer to scrub is the top half of the doors, the bonnet and boot (or hood and trunk for the Americans). Stop and rinse thoroughly
  4. Next, the nose and tail and the lower half of the doors
  5. Finally, the skirting around the doors, the mudguards and wheels

It is also a good idea to wax and polish when you’re done. Unfortunately the technique that I have outlined above takes so bloody long I’m sick of cleaning once I’m done so never get around to the waxing.

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