Why There Are Always Spiders In The Corners

Don’t you hate it how you take the time to clear out the spiders living in the ceiling corners of the rooms in your house and then 2 days later they are back again??

Well, think about it from a spiders point of view. They are on the lookout for the best real-estate.  Spiders who manage to acquire and retain premium corner locations can construct the best webs and have the best chance of catching food.

Spiders without locations occassionally cruise around looking to upgrade their lot in life and they come accross a corner they you have recently swept clean. They can’t believe their luck! “I can’t believe anyone else has thought to set up here!” They think to themselves. “Look at the view! I will do well here!”

What we should do is post tiny notices of eviction 24 hours before we are going to clean the current residents out. Perhaps we could also encourage the current residents to graphity on the wall warning future residents of the danger…

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