I Noticed A Patch Of Dead Grass Outside My Dads Bedroom Window

patch-of-dead-grassThe one time I was walking around the back of my Dads house when I noticed a large patch of dead grass just outside his bedroom window.

It was almost a perfect circle about 40cm in diameter.

I thought it was curious but I didn’t think much of it, until I walked around to the other side of the house and saw a similar, but smaller patch of dead grass.

This window was in the hallway just accross from my dads bedroom…

This really got me thinking.

The answer came to me out of the blue. Piss.

My dads house is actually an old office building that used to have about 10 people working in it. It is very long and between his bedroom and the toilet there are 2 hallways and 2 large open spaces which are at opposite ends. One of the hallways has a cold linolium floor and is lined with concrete block so it can be very cold in the middle of the night.

So Dad was saving himself the walk by pissing out his bedroom window.

I challenged him and he confessed.

“Dad, one thing I can’t figure out though – why the secondary patch?”

He explained “Ah, yes, well I noticed that the primary patch was becoming quite large and thought I better give it a rest so every alternate night I piss out the window in the hallway opposite the bedroom”.

Aha, that explains it!

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