The Difference Between Mass Advertising (dirty) and Marketing (noble and pure)

I absolutely abhore advertising. I hate ads on TV during programs, I hate junk mail in the letterbox, I hate spam in my email box. I often tape programs to watch later so I can fastforward the ads. I put a “no junk mail” sign on my letterbox. I take the time to train my spam killer. I block pop up windows and ignore banner advertising.

But I love marketing. I did a marketing major, I am a marketing analyst. You may be wondering what the difference is. If you’re not, piss off. If you are, read on.

Mass advertising is unsolicited. It’s a numbers game. If I send an email to 1 million people, even if I get sales from 0.001% I still make 100 sales. Its a sales tactic. All too often it promises a better life when it delivers junk, clutter and debt.

Marketing is about strategy. It starts with questioning whether I’m selling the right product in the first place and ends with profiling my ideal client, building a relationship with them and providing them with a product that adds value to their business or lives.

I’m so noble.