My Favourite Authors


  1. John Grisham
    • You can’t go wrong
  2. Ken Follet
  3. Jeffery Archer
    • You can’t go wrong
  4. Dan Brown
    • You can’t go wrong
    • His latest: The Lost Symbol, was the best of them all
  5. Lee Child
    • One story published every year since 1996 until 2010 about the indestructible Jack Reacher
    • These stories are so riveting I read all 16 in as many weeks
  6. Tom Clancy
    • You can’t go wrong with any of the John Clark/Jack Ryan stories
  7. Harlan Coben
    • Similar style to Lee Child. Gripping stuff

One Reply to “My Favourite Authors”

  1. Just found this at the library:

    If you like Jeffrey Archer why not try:
    Susan Crosland
    Edwina Currie
    Michael Dobbs
    Robert Goddard
    Arthur Hailey
    David Mason
    Sidney Sheldon
    John Trenhaile

    So I picked up a random Michael Dobbs but after 10 pages decided I didn’t like it. I’ll try another and who knows, you might see them on my list soon!

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