This one time our middle son, Logan had recently turned 5 and he’s got quite the business head on him. To us, and any adult that visits, he’ll offer a “lucky dip” from a mystery box or a bag. He says “Would you like a lucky dip?”. To which, you reply “yes”. And he says “You have to give me money”.

I just can’t stop myself. I’ve paid up to $2, because that was the only coin I had at the time. 20c to see if he would refuse (he didn’t). And 50c this morning.

I pull out a piece of junk that I put on a shelf or kitchen bench and forget about. He comes along a day or 2 later, swoops it up and puts it back in his luck dip bag.

He made the same offer to his little brother (2yo) who could only afford to pay with a small elephant. Logan accepted and Nathan scored a yellow bracelet in exchange. Logan then added the elephant to his mystery bag.

I offered Logan similar non-cash items but Logan told me “No daddy, you have to pay me money”.

He is demonstrating sales principles that have taken me 40 years to learn: Scarcity, Intrigue, Bait-and-Switch, Gaming Theory, Value-Based-Pricing, Pricing-Based-On-Capacity-To-Pay, Establishing-Desire-Before-Making-An-Offer.

I’m amazed.

And proud.

And running out of coins.


“Duck” starts with…

by sheltron on 24 September 2017

This one time our middle son Logan was just about to start school. We were teaching him to identify the sounds that letters make.

My question way: “Logan, what sound does ‘duck’ start with?”

Logan (5yo): “Quack?”

*hysterical laughter*


This one time my eldest son has an idea for a website

September 24, 2017

Connor (7yo) “Dad, help me make a website!” Me: “Sure! What will it be about?” Connor: “About how to make fires! Rubbing 2 sticks together and stuff” Me: “Ok…” Connor: “I want to burn the house down and make a video” Me: “Oh dear.”

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This one time, whilst trying to explain how inflation works…

September 24, 2017

This one time I’m talking to my 8 year old son about printing money and how the Zimbabwe government printed so much that trillions of dollars could only buy a bread roll. I showed him the 100 trillion dollar note and Connor says “Why is their queen a pile of rocks?”

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This one time we got the kids excited about a cat show

September 24, 2017

This one time my wife and I and our 3 young boys were bored at home on a Saturday. We spotted an opportunity in the local community newspaper – a cat show! We all love our Burmease cat “Muffin” so we said to the boys, “let’s go to a cat show guys!” It was a […]

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Birthday Cards: 5 Reasons Why I Hate Them

October 11, 2013
Thumbnail image for Birthday Cards: 5 Reasons Why I Hate Them

There’s nothing I hate more than getting a Happy Birthday card on my birthday. grrrrrrrr! I’m talking about the ones you buy from a shop for $5.95, scribble “To Sheldon” at the top, and “Love from your_name” at the bottom with some stupid generic message sandwiched in the middle. 5 Reasons Why I Hate Birthday […]

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Want To Lose Weight? 6 Steps You’ve Never Heard Of That Do Actually Work

October 10, 2013
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It seems to me that just about everyone struggles with their weight at some point in their lives. For some of us it’s a constant battle, for others, just an occasional problem. I think we go through phases too. For a few months we might feel quite motivated and energetic, but for other months a […]

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Does Your Local Council Charge You For Water? What It’s Really Costing You

October 10, 2013

I live in Tauranga city, New Zealand (I love it here!). Our council (The Tauranga City Council) charges us $1.50 per cubic metre for water. Fair enough I spose. That’s about $100 every 6 months for our house of 2 adults, 2 kids. A cubic metre is 1m x 1m x 1m of water. That’s […]

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Paralympians. Awesome. What’s Your Excuse For Not Achieving Whatever You Want?

November 13, 2012

Paralympians. Cyclists with no sight. Swimmers with no arms. Runners with no legs. Awesome. What’s your excuse for not achieving whatever you want for yourself, your family, your city, your country?

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Lee Child Novels: Is There A 100 Percent Club?

October 2, 2012

Another one of my favourite authors is Lee Child. I am a proud member of the Lee Child 100 percent club. The club doesn’t exist as far as I can tell, so I’ll be the only member to start with 🙂 He’s written 17 novels to date. 17 Novels Written by Lee Child: Killing Floor (1997) Die […]

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