Ken Follett Novels: Is There A 100 Percent Club?

Ken Follett is one of my favourite authors.

My mission is to get into the Ken Follett 100 percent club.

The club doesn’t exist as far as I can tell, so I’ll be the only member to start with 🙂

He’s written 31 novels to date, 21 of which he is proud of, 10 of which he is embarrassed by.

21 Novels Written by Ken Follett:

  1. Winter of the World (2012)
  2. Fall of Giants (2010)
  3. World Without End (2007)
  4. Whiteout (2004)
  5. Hornet Flight (2002)
  6. Jackdaws (2001)
  7. Code to Zero (2000)
  8. The Hammer of Eden (1998)
  9. The Third Twin (1996)
  10. A Place Called Freedom (1995)
  11. A Dangerous Fortune (1993)
  12. Night Over Water (1991)
  13. The Pillars of the Earth (1989)
  14. Lie Down with Lions (1986)
  15. On Wings of Eagles (1983)
  16. The Man from St. Petersburg (1982)
  17. The Key to Rebecca (1980)
  18. Triple (1979)
  19. Eye of the Needle (1978) (apa Storm Island) (Edgar Award, 1979, Best Novel)
  20. Paper Money (1977) (as Zachary Stone)
  21. The Modigliani Scandal (1976) (as Zachary Stone)

10 More Novels

In the 70’s when he was first starting out as an author, he wrote 10 others, but the funny thing is, Ken Follett seems quite embarrassed by them now. He goes as far as to say “don’t read these” on his official website!

  1. Heist of the Century (1978) (with Rene Louis Maurice, others) (apa The Gentleman of 16 July – U.S.) (apa Under the Streets of Nice) (apa Robbery Under the Streets of Nice)
  2. Capricorn One (1978) (as Bernard L. Ross) (based on screenplay by Peter Hyams)
  3. The Power Twins (1976) (as Martin Martinsen)
  4. The Mystery Hideout (1976) (as Martin Martinsen) (apa The Secret of Kellerman’s Studio)
  5. Amok: King of Legend (1976) (as Bernard L. Ross)
  6. The Bear Raid (1976)
  7. The Shakeout (1975)
  8. The Big Hit (1975) (as Simon Myles)
  9. The Big Black (1974) (as Simon Myles)
  10. The Big Needle (1974) (as Simon Myles) (apa The Big Apple – U.S.)

From this list, I could only get my hands on Capricorn One (1978), which was just “ok”. It was a movie first, and Ken Follett (using the name Bernard L. Ross) wrote the novel based on the screenplay.

My Completion Percentage

I have read all but his latest Winter of the World. So that’s 20/21 = 95.2%. Not bad.

I’m determined to get to 100% this year.

If I include the second list of novels, that’s 21/31 = 67.7% which isn’t nearly as impressive.

Are you a fan? What’s your percentage? Better than mine?

4 Replies to “Ken Follett Novels: Is There A 100 Percent Club?”

  1. hello, you need to acutalize your list haha
    i am trying to red first books of Ken follett by I only find online The Big Needle.
    have you red the others. IS impossible to find them. probably as you said that Ken Follett dont like them, no one is going to republished them again.

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