Piz Buin SPF30 Allergy 200ml Sunscreen Back In New Zealand?

This summer I ran out of favourite sunscreen, Piz Buin, and to my dismay I found out that it is not sold in New Zealand anymore!

I even contacted SC Johnson (the importer) and asked why.

They sent me an email saying “sorry, we weren’t selling enough so we cancelled the product line”.

I couldn’t find a single bottle of Piz Buin in any NZ shops online or offline after a week of searching so I bought a few bottles from a UK website and they just arrived!

It’s my favourite sunscreen for 4 reasons:

  1. I trust it to keep me from being burnt. I’ve never been sunburnt using it (whereas I’ve been burnt using other sunscreen brands)
  2. It doesn’t smell terrible (like most sunscreens do), nor is it too perfumed
  3. It doesn’t turn your skin grey when you put it on (like some other sunscreens do)
  4. It really is waterproof (I spend the whole day in the sun and reapply only once)

Is it your favourite too?

Well this is your chance because I purchased a few extra bottles (to spread the cost of shipping) and now I’m selling them on TradeMe:


This sun screen is awesome. And I’m the only person in New Zealand that is selling it. So be quick, because I’m sure to sell out soon.