11 new places I’ve grown hair in my teens, 20’s, 30’s and 40s

In my teens I grew hair in 4 new places.

I was happy for this to happen.

It made me feel grown up.

I welcomed it.

I wanted the world to see (mostly).

But in the following decades, the tide began to turn…

Body hair management in my teens

  1. Hair on my face
    • I was self conscious of my coverage compared to my friends to I’d shave this often in my teens, but growing it was natural and not a problem
  2. Hair on my balls
    • Fine. Didn’t have a problem
  3. Hair on my legs
    • Not worried at all
  4. Hair on my arms
    • Not a concern

Body hair management in my 20’s

My 20’s were the golden days of hair management. No concerns at all! It was fun!

  1. Hair on my face – update
    • It was fun to play around with a few configurations!
    • A goatee, a mostache, a handlebar mostache, a beard, a chin puff, chin curtain and others. Some styles lasted a few hours, others months or years
  2. Hair on my chest
    • A small patch has appeared in the middle of my chest. No big deal

Body hair management in my 30’s

In my 30’s hair management was also fairly straight forward

  1. Hair on my chest – update
    • The patch has grown in size, and has become quite thick and no longer welcome so started to shave my chest once or twice a month
  2. Hair on my back
    • Just a fist size patch, but unwelcome. Shaving occassionally
  3. Hair on my neck
    • Getting a haircut every 3 weeks takes care of this so not a concern
  4. Hair on my legs – update
    • During an office party one of my legs was shaved as part of a challenge. I shaved the other when I got home to make it even. And I liked it! Since then I shave my legs a few times a year

Body hair management in my 40’s

But in my 40’s the whole hair growing system seems to have gone awry! I’m losing hair where I want it (my head), and growing it in many places where I don’t want it. Such an undesirable distribution of resources!

  1. Hair in my ears
    • Really not happy with this! Some hairs are thick and black
    • Any hair coming out of my ears is completely unwelcome
    • Shaving twice a week. Tried plucking but hurts like hell
  2. Hair up my nose
    • Really not happy with the way the nose hairs are getting longer and peek-a-booking out of my nostrils
    • They appear once a week and I’m yanking these out with my fingers until I sneeze and my tears blind me
  3. Hair on my back – update
    • The coverage has grown up onto my shoulders and down my flanks!
    • Unwelcome. Shaving once a week or 2
  4. Hair on my neck – update
    • Growing just as fast as my face now!
    • Shaving every 3 or 4 days
  5. Hair in my buttcrack
    • Disturbing how this forest is thickening and growing but not willing to do anything about it right now and it’s mostly out of daily view so easier to ignore
  6. Hair from my eyebrows
    • Annoying how these eyebrows are now growing so long and starting to stick out in odd directions
    • Trimming these every 3 or 4 weeks

Body hair management in my 50’s?

What’s ahead of me for my next decade?

I’m 46 at the time of writing this, so what’s coming up for me?

Will I need to start shaving the backs of my hands? The soles of my feet? My toes?

Let me know in the comments section below what I might be in for.

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