Global Warming. A Crock of Shit?

I have become quite cynical of the media.

The media is a viable businesses only when there is news, because then people watch and listen, and then advertisers want to pay to get exposure too.

Quite frankly I think that the concept of global warming was made up one day when there wasn’t any news.

One volcano can vent more pollution and poisonous gases in a week then we can with our factories and vehicles! (I have no statistics to back up this claim)

Global warming is often blamed for the supposed increase in the frequency of natural disasters: floods, tsunami’s, storms for example. I suggest that the media has more eyes in more places and news stories are exchanged globally far more readily than ever before. Additionally, the world population is now so large that many low income groups live in at risk locations.

I believe that the planet goes through natural climate cycles. If there is any basis to the claims about global warming, perhaps this is end of one phase and the beginning of another.

Author Michael Crichton in his novel “State of Fear” researched global warming for 3 years before writing his book. He thinks its a crock of shit.

And lately have you noticed that you don’t see the phrase “global warming” in the media any more? Now it’s called “climate change”.  Which means “some places will be warmer, some colder, some wetter, some drier, some windier, some calmer”.

Well duh. That’s called “weather”.