How Long Will It Take For Gmail To Reach 10GB Of Storage?

Did you notice that last year the rate of increase on the Gmail homepage slowed considerably?

In fact, the current rate increases storage by just 4 bytes per second which is only 345.6 Kb per day. Equivalent to one unoptimised photo from your digital camera.

So how long will it take for online storage to grow from today’s 7.3GB to 10GB?

  • 4 bytes per second growth
  • 7438.721503: Current MB
  • 7438721503: Current bytes
  • 10000: Target MB
  • 10000000000: Target bytes
  • 2561278497: Shortfall in bytes
  • 640319624.3: Seconds to get there
  • 7411.106762: Days
  • 20.30440209: Years

20 more years until Gmail online storage grows to 10GB!

**UPDATE** On the 24th of April 2012 Gmail bumped up storage to 10GB to make things smoother with their new Google Drive which is a cloud storage service that competes with DropBox and Microsoft’s SkyDrive.

How To Print Only Newest Section Of Email In An Outlook Email Conversation Thread

print-outlook-emailSometimes, you just need a hardcopy version of an email for quick reference, right?

But do you feel guilty when you print out the entire email conversation (10 or 20 pages sometimes) when all you needed was the last one or two emails?

With Gmail, it’s easy. You can choose exactly which emails in the conversation to print.

With Outlook it can’t be done. You’ll end up with the whole conversation. A waste of paper!

Well here’s how you can print just the emails you want, out of a long email conversation with Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Click on the “forward” button
  2. Delete the older parts of the email conversation
  3. Print