Jar Lid Stuck On Tight? 6 Ways To Open A Jar

#1 Trick to opening jars with stuck lids

First turn the jar upside down and hold it with one hand (don’t touch the lid).

Slap the bottom of the jar with an open hand as hard as you can.

Try and open the jar.

Didn’t work? Try this:

#2 Trick to opening jars with hard-to-open lids

Run the jar under hot water for a minute or two.

Quickly dry it off and try to open it.

Didn’t work? Try this:

#3 Trick to open a jar

Carefully put the tip of a bread-and-butter knife under the lid of the jar and twist the knife a little bit.

Hopefully, this will let a little bit of air into the jar.

Didn’t work? Try this:

#4, #5, #6 Three more quick-fire last resorts when a jar just won’t open

    • Watch infomercials until you see one of those jar clamps for old people. Buy it.
    • Call a lawn mower man and ask him to come around to give you a quote, when he arrives, ask him to open it and then tell him his price is too high
    • Smash the jar by throwing it on the floor, eat the contents with a spoon (spit out the glass) Hint: wash the floor first.