I Got Really Mad Because The Neighbours Were Noisy

This one time, I went to bed at about 10 on a Friday night and was woken by music playing quite loudly at 11:30pm. I grumbled to myself about how inconsiderate the teenage members of family next door were. I had had a busy week and was very tired.

My sleep over the next couple of hours was frequently interrupted by loud bits in the songs they were playing. Several times I considered getting up and complaining but I didn’t quite get around it.

Finally, at about 1am the music died down.

The next morning at about 6am our hard-of-hearing elderly neighbour started blasting out that mornings tv show from her TV! On my sleep-in morning no less! I could not believe my luck. I considered moving house! I stormed out of bed at about 7:30am to take a leak. I threw open the bedroom door and proceeded to walk down the hall on the way to the toilet when I realised where all this noise had been coming from. I had left my own TV on all night. I must have set it to mute before I went to bed.

It’s a temperamental TV and it must have unmuted itself the previous night. I had been grumbling about my neighbours when it had been my fault all along and I had probably kept them awake all night!

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