Paperclips Are A Useless Piece Of Stationery

Just last week I purged both my desk at home and at work of the most useless piece of stationery ever evented. The paperclip.

I looked at them in my drawer and suddenly became angry, as I sometimes do when I notice something in my life that I had been blind to until that moment. Somehow I had become accustomed to ignoring the clutter. They had been siting there for 7 years and I hadn’t used even one of them! At that moment I realised they had been cluttering up my life, and it was time for them to go.

For those times that I wanted to attach two or more piece of paper together I used a staple. Make up your damn mind! Do you want the pages to stay together or not? If yes, use a staple. Paper clips are just so damn useless for the purpose for which they were invented.

Ok, ok, I do have one use for them so when I threw them all in the bin last week I kept just one. When you unfold them they can be a quite useful piece of wire for digging into electronics or picking out thistles from lions paws.

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