Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Cats

  1. They are so darn cute!
  2. You can’t teach them to obey you, they will do things if they choose to. I respect that independance
  3. They don’t love you just because you feed them, you have to woo them before they will show you affection
  4. It feels nice to pat them. Being unselfish and making a lovely little animal happy makes us happy too
  5. Once they are house trained you never have to see their faeces again!
  6. They get on with their lives when you are short on free time to give to them. They will patiently and quietly wait

Well, those first 6 are so good I don’t really need the rest of the list!

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  1. Hey sheltron,

    Thought I’d comment on here. 🙂 Cats are by far nicer animals to own. I really admire their balanced lifestyles. You don’t need to attend to them at all hours, they wash themselves, and their fur does not smell.

    Very gentle animals to have around. My biggest admiration of them is how respect works. With a dog, they’ll give it to anybody and expect it just like a sponge; whereas, cats follow an opposite model. Respect is earned, not given. Very similar to humanity and those that expect respect, end up with none, but those who earn it, are valued.

  2. Cats have the ultimate in the mind- body connection. Purrs are at the right vibrational frequency, it has been shown, to be healing in capacities physical and emotional, to humans and cats alike. Cats purr for pleasure (as well as when in severe pain). Therefore they are healing themselves before they get sick.

    Cats have the decency to bury their shit and not leave it lying around for you to step in.

    A cat self respects, unlike the motionally shallow creature the dog who is so eager to fawn alover you for the smallest bit of attention. They like company, but like humans, also require personal space. A dog will attempt to not only get as close as possible to you, but to co exist in the same spot simultaneusly. (Which is pretty stupid really).

    It’s much easier to spot a dumb dog over a dumb cat, who do have the self respect not to flaunt their mental insufficiency shamelessly.

    Cats feel clean. Dogs always feel scungy.

    dogs will eat not only their own, but another dogs vomit. Justify that one.

    Cats don’t hump your visitors leg when they come around, or leave a wet patch on the beanbag.

    Right now I am tempted to carve up the dog and feed it to the cat.

  3. dogs ar e shamelss arse kissers who do it for self serving shameless promotion. They don’t mean it. At least a cat is honest in it’s attitude towards you.

  4. Despite their huge potential for damage causing due to their much sharper claws, lighter weight (usefull for hanging off drapes) and supposed anti social stance, you will find cats cause a relativley small amount of damage to the human valued posessions we cherish as compared to their canine counterparts.

  5. my partner would like me to say that Angus is a sweet dog, but i suspect he only plays the part of sweet dog because it’s a survival ploy against hte big nasty garden destroyer and chewer of small dogs.

  6. I love it when I’m feeding my cat and I spill cat biscuits on to the floor and my cat will eat those spilt biscuits first before going to the bowl! Marvelous!

  7. Ewwwww cats r cool bit ur seriously obserssed,
    your an asslicker urslf not dogs u pathetic flea bag!

  8. Who’s an asslicker Ashleigh? I kick-arse and also kiss-arse but never lick-arse. That would be gross. I’ll leave that to the dogs.

  9. ugh me too my fiance has a dog, needless to say i hate him, I miyself own a wonderfully clever kitty cat 🙂 One time his grandparents were over here and they thought it would be funny to teach the dog how to chase my cat. I was very angry. So goes to show you, not only are dogs annoying but the people they attract tend to be disrespectful jerks.

  10. If your cat was big enough, it would rip you to pieces. When they play with a ball of yarn, it’s their instinct to kill prey. Animals are machines progammed to do the Three F’s:Feed, fight, fuck. Eat, fight(for territory, mates, to be leader of the pack, for food, protect young, self, defense), reproduce. Some say human behavior is based on these principles.

  11. Cats lick themselves.Tiny pieces of their dried saliva falls of of them onto the floor,furniture,wherever.This can cause allergic reactions. They can carry a virus harmful to pregnant womens’ babies.One of my sisters had to rid of her cat after becoming pregnant. Many of the cats I see in Brooklyn are,just like Brooklyn’s dogs and people, big,obese pieces of shit that do little except wait for their next meal.And provide cat shit snacks for Brooklyn’s hordes of mutts.

  12. I met my significant other and later moved in with him, his long haired collie, and cat. I LOVE the cat. It doesn’t bark, beg for food, is clean, wants attention but then has enough and is happy; the dog never gets enough attention or food. The cat is low maintenance, the dog is high maintenance and has to be bathed, brushed, trimmed, groomed, nails clipped and filed, walked daily, cleaned up after. The dog is expensive; over $130 a month in food alone. The cat is okay being left alone for a weekend; the dog has to be dragged along with us. The dog is a PAIN IN THE ASS.

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