Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Cats

  1. They are so darn cute!
  2. You can’t teach them to obey you, they will do things if they choose to. I respect that independance
  3. They don’t love you just because you feed them, you have to woo them before they will show you affection
  4. It feels nice to pat them. Being unselfish and making a lovely little animal happy makes us happy too
  5. Once they are house trained you never have to see their faeces again!
  6. They get on with their lives when you are short on free time to give to them. They will patiently and quietly wait

Well, those first 6 are so good I don’t really need the rest of the list!

28 Replies to “Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Cats”

  1. You forgot the number 1 reason why cats have been an all time favorite pet in the history of mankind.
    #7: Cats kill mice, rodents and vermins that carry diseases. Cats saved humans from extinction brought about by the bubonic plague (or black death) which killed almost 70% of the European population during the dark ages. My cats, for instance, pounced anything that moves and smaller than them. My cat killed a scorpion in my house once and killed some cockroaches.
    #8: Cats are cheaper or least expensive compared to dogs according to studies.
    #9: Scientific study revealed that cat owners are more likely to have a university degree or are degree-holders than dog-owners. True story: I have a master’s degree and I own (or should I say I am owned by my) orange tabby cat.
    #10: A cat has 300 million neurons in their brain cortex while a dog only has 160 million neurons in their cortex. The number of neurons on a brain correlates with intelligence. Therefore, cats win!!!

    Well Sheltron, I think that completes the 10 reasons on why we love cats! 🙂

  2. 11. Cats are quiet peaceful beings.
    12. They are low maintanence emotionally.
    13.They are nice to look at .
    14, You don’t have to walk them.
    15. They don’t eat much.
    16. They don’t bark.
    17. You can go out of town for a few days and just leave food, water and a clean litter box and they’ll be fine.

  3. It’s me again. I just wanted to add a few thoughts.

    They always smell nice, without having to bathe them.
    They lap their water quietly and politely.
    They won’t jump into a car with strangers.
    Mine are just your everyday generic cat the vet calls “Domestic Short Hair” cats and don’t even need to be brushed.
    Oh, and one more thing, they don’t drool.

    I love dogs too by the way, so I don’t like when this all turns into a Dog vs. Cat thing. One doesn’t have to be bad to make the other good, they can both be great animals. But at this time in my life I prefer to own cats.

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