How To Get A Carpark Without Driving Around For Ages

How many times have you zipped around the block again and again in the vain hope that someone will miraculously give up that park right infront of you?

Good news: You don’t have to any more because I will tell you my secret

The secret to getting a park is… to chill.

Here’s how it works:

Say you’ve come up on a block of parks with 30 minute maximums. There are 15 parks, they are all taken.

Do you:

  • A: Keep driving, one might be just around the corner…
  • B: Pull over as far as you can and wait

The correct answer is B.

Its all maths.

If there are 15 cars and the limit is 30 minutes that means someone is likely to pull out in just 2 minutes!

All you have to do is try and make it clear to the cars zipping past you that you somehow knew ahead of time that a car is about to pull out of their park.

If its a 2 hour area and there are 40 parks, how long do you have to wait? 10 minutes? 5? Nope. Just 3. (2hours x 60 minutes per hour = 120mins divided by 40 parks = 3 minutes).

Good luck! (Not that you’ll need it, just patience!)

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