I Paid 3 Times As Much For My Socks Than For My Shoes

This one time, I needed a new pair of cross trainers. Nothing flash, just some casual shoes to muck around in. The Warehouse is the place to go for bargains of course. I steer clear of the shit “Active Intent” brand, I go for the well known brands – Aasics, Slazenger.

Anyway, I found a pair that were just perfect, and even better – they were “reduced to clear” – only $34.95! Stoked!

Grabbed some socks on the way out – $15 for a pack of 5. Paid at the counter, and checked my receipt on the way out. The total bill had come out a bit cheaper than I was expecting. The shoes had scanned at $4.98!

I thought maybe the barcodes got mixed up somehow, but no, it looked legit.

I knew there was one more pair on the shelf, and at $4.98 it was quite a deal. Sure enough I grabbed the other pair and used the instore scanner to check the price. Confirmed: $4.98. Great!

The only bummer is that it made me feel like my socks were a rip off since they cost me three times as much as my shoes…

Side note about the Active Intent brand

Look closer at the brand name. Active Intent. “Sportswear designed for those who intend to be active but don’t get around to it.” That’s why its shit quality.

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